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Having sent everyone home to enjoy a long weekend, I thought I would settle down and watch some SexArt movies where everything clicked on the day for actors, the crew and the viewers. Tantra Imaginations is one of these—if the viewing figures are correct, it is the most watched movie on SexArt ever, although the fact that it was made eight years ago will have helped.

What made this one so sublime? First, the sex was clearly in context for Connie, since as far as I can work out, she and Dennison are an item. Lesson one: sex between people who are totally comfortable with each other because they know each other well isn't as boring as some would like to thing. 346K viewers were of that opinion.

Second, although Denison does work Connie's puss early on, he pays just as much attention to the rest of her, which is fairly crucial. Even so, I would say it took Connie 12 minutes to become fully aroused, during which time they really made love to each other and she gave him one of the most passionate blow jobs I have ever seen. No gagging, choking, or spitting was needed—it is erotic to watch because it is authentic. Connie wants to give him pleasure.

She is both mentally and physically aroused by the twelve minute mark and the effect on her is electrifying—by 12:30 she is trying to eat her man and her labia are absolutely glowing if you look at the close ups. Two minutes later, Connie is in 'let me close my eyes and let you love me' mode, her breathing is heavy, and she is right on the edge of orgasm. At that point she slows him down. Why? Sometimes the feelings leading up to the moment you come are as nice, if not nicer than the feeling when you do come, and if you do have an orgasm, you lose some of that goodness while your level of arousal is recovering.

Is it necessary for women to have orgasms to enjoy sex? Nope. Some of us never have them and still have great sex. The idea that a woman has only enjoyed sex if she has had an orgasm is really common script that men have, and the result is that vast numbers of their lovers end up faking orgasms, because another common male script is that the man hasn't been a successful lover if his woman hasn't had an orgasm. Here, Connie got close, but never really went over the edge, and yet it is still the most beautifully erotic movie. It goes to show how having a lover who knows you inside out can play into your strengths and likes to make for wonderful sex.

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The "High" quality zip file for the gallery doesn't appear to be working. Clicking on to download returns this message:

"The zip file could not found. We will take care of this error shortly."

I hope so! Thanks.

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It should be there now.

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Love Connie, need more video of her.

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So far your best movie for me! She is a superb woman, not a barbie doll! Natural love and tenderness until that great finish inside her! That's the way real normal caring people makes love! Well done. Give us more!

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Roselyne is one of the most beautiful women (NOT a GIRL) in the world. More please.

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Very good home work of sexual art

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Why is it that download of this video is over 22 minutes long, while the streaming is only six and a half minutes long? It's not just this video, though. I've noticed a few other videos missing their intro/plot section in the streaming version, and it's not until just now, I've realized the full video is contained in the download. I'd prefer to watch a video first by streaming before deciding if I want to download it, but if there is more content in the download, I guess I'll be missing out on some content. Is this intentional/is it going to continue?

I really enjoyed the full video, however.

  • Jon
  • 7 years ago
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This issue has been fixed now.

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Loved it! Great film

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Very nice movie. I exspecially enjoyed the creampie ending. I was thinking of cancelling Sexart but this movie has convinced me to stay on for another month. I do hope to see more creampies though.

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Beauty, passion, and romance. Trifecta! THIS is how it should be done!

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Finally a video with beauty, sensuality, and natural progressions; just the way it should be. Thank you.

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Great stuff, Connie (Roselyne A on MetArt) is fantastic and it's great to see her in full on action here on SexArt, I've enjoyed her work a lot in the past and it's always good to see a cock between those luscious, full lips of hers. ;)

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Very sensual. Great work!


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Excellente movie. They make love just like in their own bathroom. So natural and free of thinking about surroundings. Love the internal jizzing too.

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Beautiful and emotional. They looked like they were making love and not just having sex. Well done.

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Really a nice and loving couple! This movie is excellent and I enjoyed it very much. Please, more of this


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