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WitchitA: An imaginative set of an awesome woman--can we please liberate her from MetArtand see more of her on SexArt? Eva has an outstanding bod, but she also has that appealing look of 'maybe I shouldn't be showing you any of this?'

A few more landscape shots of her breasts wouldn't have gone amiss--as it was the ones where were ended up being shot in close with a wide-angle and (it may just be me) the perspective doesn't work that well. We got some great profiles this time, but they were all mid shots, and the only real criticism of the shoots is that it got a bit forced towards the end.

First rule of kitchen portraiture: there is only so much a girl can do to compete with a red pepper. I'd have been tempted to let her wander around a bit in nothing but a string, because a few profiles of her stretching up to reach something off the top shelf would have definitely been heart-warming, and one or two taken from the other side of the counter of her leaning forward to read a recipe book would have been heart-stopping. On SexArt, this particular view rarely seems to get used, and while it might be a soft porn staple, it works, bra on or off, and it didn't become a favourite because of the lack of an appreciative audience.

For some reason the set has been output with a cyan cast. The white balance is way off and it would make the set even better if it was reloaded with this corrected, because it has hit the flesh tones badly.