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Jenifer has the body of a real woman, and that's most attractive.
She's passionate and sensual and a wonderful companion for Nick, who's everywhere, lucky guy.
More of Jenifer, please. What a woman!

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Ok, to be honesty I have not even watched this film as of yet, but can I just say I love the open, honest and frankly intelligent conversion it has started. This is to me the greatest thing about the SexArt site, honest adults sharing their opinions, respecting each other and encouraging each other. I almost forgot that Nick, Jenifer and the entire SexArt crew created such a gorgeous film for us to enjoy.

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My only criticism, and it is very small one about very well done video, is that there was to to much space between the two during the missionary at the end. Been to long since we have seen Jennifer. Welcome back!

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Another case of lazy camera work vs. capturing the moment of pullout after creampie close up.
Particularly when compared with the effort made to film him pushing his thing into her pussy closeup.
If you don't care to "walk that extra mile" to get every minute detail right, and particularly at the scene's point of climax, you end up with a scene bereaved of magic, at the moment in the scene where a viewer longs for it the most.

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I have never had a guy pull out of me after he has come and say, 'Will you excuse me for 15 seconds while I admire my leavings?' And if one ever did—after I had stopped laughing—I would kick him out of bed on the grounds of rank narcissism.

But this is porn and the rules are different, I guess. I doubt that the showing of such a short cut was lazy, it was much more likely to have been an editing decision not to show a longer shot. Having had a fair bit of involvement in video editing, the cut we saw between 21:47 and 21:53 must have come from a lengthier take, which, judging from the shadows, was probably done after Nick had got out of bed.

Now, down to physiology. The amount of come men produce is varies from man to man and from day to day. I have had a few who have flooded me, and others who have produced no more than a teaspoonful. Less is more common than more, and leakage is no way guaranteed. Another point is that IRL, most guys like to stay in after they come, so the whole pullout thing has become a porn meme.

All in all, lengthier shots of oozing shouldn't be a problem—just as long as viewers are prepared to accept that a proportion of the time the ooze would need to be fake because either the guy didn't produce enough, or the lady didn't leak. But I don't think that laziness came into this one.

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I know i have never been interested in looking at how much cum i just produced....but this porn and the rules are different.... and you and i and all the members are well...voyeurs that obviously love sex and love to watch sex.... if Crpaddct loves to see a cream pie as the male pulls out more power to love is any kind of oral in the bedroom and is no different in what i love most about theses we are all quite different in our voyeuristic ways ....had a friend once say in a discussion we were having about the huge industry porn has become and he said he could never understand how anyone would like to watch someone else have sex on film....boy are we ever wired different i thought to myself

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Wait, when did pornography start playing by any set of rules?

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I'm with you most of the way, par103, except for two things:

One is that the only difference between porn movies and any other kind of movie is that porn shows people having sex, but I can't think why the genre should be approached any differently because of that. People are happy watching horror movies, which show things which (fortunately) rarely or never happen to people, so what is the problem with sex, which most of us do several times a week?

I like sex—I don't like ghouls or zombies, so why is it OK for me to watch the undead and not OK for me to watch the living doing something my bod was built to do rather well?

The word voyeur itself only goes back to about 1900, with its solid Victorian undertone of sex being wrong and watching it even worse. But we aren't in 1950 anymore. Porn ended up getting stuck with the voyeur label because it failed to respond to the challenge of catering for people like your friend—and almost every woman on the planet, including me. That is a bit of an oversight and as far as this girl is concerned, 95% of the industry is on the naughty step because of it.

Given the huge slice of net activity that is related to the porn industry it is a good bet that more people enjoy watching sex than do horror movies, but because the industry as a whole hasn't moved on from the Wild West days of the noughties, sites like SexArt don't seem to be common. Until a few months ago, I was one of billions of women who wrinkled their noses at the idea, although I have never objected to my partners watching porn. When I was shown a SexArt movie for the first time, I thought, 'Wow! This is really different!'

The second thing (a comment which isn't directed at you, par103, you sound sweet) is that the OP wrote that it was 'another case of lazy camera work'. Maybe if that was rephrased to something like, 'For me, it adds so much to see the moment of pullout captured after a creampie, and for the camera to linger in closeup for ten, or even fifteen seconds', it might have a more positive result?

And put kindly, it might even influence people like me, who don't care so much about such footage, to think, 'Well OK, Crpaddct seems a nice person, and all these other people think it is a good idea too, and why don't I add my vote and then everybody can be pleased?'

If I am reading the front page correctly 8900 people watched Soulmates, but only four of us have made comments, which puts us in a privileged position. If we tell them Jenifer and Nick, and all the rest of the team, that they have made an almost perfect movie, then they can walk away feeling good about themselves. The team have shown that they read what is posted, and the more constructive the comments, the more likely they are to succeed.

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Thanks for education on voyeur as i did not know are very well read..(one of my children has a academic doctorate the smarts from mom not me)....also we do agree on the movie genre and i have had conversations with some who love a blood and guts movie but look down on watching two people making not get it never will...i refuse to go to any movie that has killing in it as have never enjoyed watching people get hurt...and was a jock through high school and college so i am against the norm i suppose.... i do think if most all these people that look down on porn...(have never liked that word...why not lovemaking?) were made to watch 10 scenes from SEXART most would have a change of heart but perhaps they would not admit it i has such a bad name and it is because of the so many sites that are total garbage the way sex is filmed and most of all the way women are treated and it is only going to get worse...there are very very few sites like the metartnetwork...and getting back to the cream pie that started all this for many that love to see them do so because it is a fetish that they love...everyone has certain things they like to do in bedroom and am sure you are no i try to respect that we are not all alike or sex would be boring correct? i might add this is not at all a slap on you just a your feedback you leave and i look forward to leaning more thanks

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Voyeur is one of those words I almost wish the Victorians didn't leave us! I think it might be a legacy of their love of peep-shows, which were the streaming porn of their day. Much though we look back on them, though, in some ways we haven't moved that far ahead, and we are still shy about sex today. Believe it or not, more than half my girlfriends have never discussed it with their current partners.

Since you are quite right that we are not all alike, then if you, par103, and Crpaddct enjoy post-coital close ups, who am I to disagree? I will add my voice to encouraging SexArt to make them as graphic and erotic as possible. it or as i have said better to show nothing instead of a very quick two seconds

Also do not see how anyone can see anything erotic or titillating about a fast 2-seconds look at a cream pie?

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Every bed can tell its share of stories, a few that we could never forget, and one or two that we prefer to forget. I've had my share of both, the trick being to ensure that you learn from the forgettable ones.

With Soulmates we are back to the old style of SexArt, only with the passion dial turned up all the way, and this is a keeper. Jenifer is a force of nature—she doesn't just have sex with Nick, she makes love to him in the true sense of the word, entwining her body around him as if they are old lovers. I melted at the closeup of her taking Nick in her mouth, but I also loved the way she kept breaking off to kiss him even more, because there is nothing like seeing the look in your lover's eyes.

Mainly thanks to Jenifer, there was lots of belly to belly contact early on in the movie—although there usually is when the woman is allowed to take charge. We just naturally do it. What made Soulmates different was the amount of belly to belly contact later on, where Nick even found time for advanced stuff like kissing her neck. There was some highly realistic sex (for a porn movie) at 17:00 where there was some good old-style 'lay on top of me and take me' no-airspace sex where Jenifer got to wrap her legs around him until she came, and that was the best part of the movie as far as this girl was concerned.

Once that was over, I snuggled myself down in bed and pulled the duvet up to my chin, hoping for a full-on girl-friendly romp to the finish, but although it was a wonderful movie, and came very close indeed, that wasn't quite what we got.

Although Jenifer got a bucket load of orgasms, I would be love to know her opinion of how she would have liked it to go after the one at 17:15. At that point, had it been my bed, it would have been 'right, lover, just lay me down and ride me to the finish, I'm in the zone'. At around 20:30 you can see her trying weakly (remember she has come half a dozen times) to pull Nick down on to her, and had I been the director, I think I would have zoomed in so I could do a cut, hit the boy half a dozen times with a piece of four by two and told him that he didn't have the vote because there was more than one woman he needed to please out there.

All in all this was a beautiful movie, with a perfect ending, a lovely cool off, and Nick and Jenifer made a fabulous pairing. I am a huge fan of Nick's, because he always comes across as a real gentleman, and Jenifer has an astonishing sexual presence. At a guess there is a lot of potential there to be explored, and she would make a great librarian in a pair of cat-eye glasses…

You could tell that Nick was making a major effort in the movie and from under this duvet it absolutely paid off. I also award him the Witchit diploma for being able to undo a body one handed, because the tasks isn't as easy as it looks when it has to be done by a guy with a hard on. I once had sex wearing a body that was completely sheer, hung up on everything, and couldn't be undone because the poppers were on a thong which had twisted around on itself. Nightmare. The poor guy was beside himself at his inability to cope with it, and in the end I just collapsed in a fit of giggles—although I did make it up to him later. Which is one of the things you never see in porn movies—I am sure that everyone watching has her share of tales to tell where things went wrong during sex.

Maybe SexArt ought to reassure its audience by doing a few movies where the sex doesn't go perfectly, just to reassure the rest of us that the team are human after all? Because if you keep on making films as good as this, we might forget.


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