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I just had to watch this one again, Nikki is so warm and sensual. The intensity of her gaze into the eyes of her lover is mesmerizing. Both actors display being comfortable with each other and drink up the delicious feeling of embracing each other. who knows, maybe I will sample another serving of her delicacies again just to satisfy the craving for love.

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These are the films that make me (Antje) less shy. When we started taking erotic photos ourselves a year ago, I was often in doubt whether it was right. After we registered here, that has changed. Eroticism is lifestyle for us and all the pretty actors are inspiration and stimulation for us. We learn something new every day. Our photos are getting better and better and I have lost all shyness when having sex in front of the camera. Thanks to you

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In a word, this is very sexy sex!

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These two Nikks have created something truly magical, thank you.

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WitchitA: This is one of those photo sets where I really can see what my darling partner is getting at. The set comes alive every time the pair make body contact in more than one place--my absolute favourite shot being 0082, where Nick is sucking Nikki's nipple, with his fingers inside her and she is pulling him towards him. 0095 would be second favourite, were it not blown away by 0096--an all-too rare full body contact in missionary position shot.

I don't know what anybody else thinks, but I don't see it being essential that the photo set contains any images showing the cum shot? Sometimes the photos show a different ending to the movie, and I have always assumed that one or the other (usually the photoset) is fake, but I might be way off there. Like her ladyship, I value the authenticity of the sex and the passion more than I do the volume of semen shown. This may not be the case for everyone, I guess.

Nikki comes across really well in the set, nice girl.

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The tip off is in a woman's eyes. Notice, not in all your days have you seen a man look at the camera. He's still freaking about, "there's a camera in here?" He also knows theres a judgmental guy behind that camera who has other thoughts about what he would do. So much pressure on a guy who in real life would just be there because he wants to look at this wonder of nature. The same in lesbian sex, they want to see each other and that's the get off point. Geez that woman I've always wanted before? She's here now. To me that's what sex is, desire-realization-consumation. That's the difference between real sex and Sex Art third party sex. Much shorter and much more satisfying. And hope for a return match.

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She is a special beautiful woman SEXART keep her around.....such a erotic scene much to compliment but man she is good with her mouth and watching her on top softly moaning...whewwwwwwwwww

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The lovely Nikki Hill returns with one of my favourite actors, Nick Ross. How many times have I had sex that has started like this? You get ready for a day in which your major concern is which bra to wear, and then as you are brushing your hair out, you see your sleepy man in the mirror and you can't help thinking how irresistible he is.

Concentrate on brushing your hair, girl.

But then you begin to get a tiny stirring in your pelvis suggesting that it really would be rather nice to experience that familiar feeling of him deep inside you, while his tongue eases your nipples erect, and so you tiptoe across to the bed. Lazy Sunday morning sex really would be a nice way to begin the day.

And suddenly, you are Nikki, or Nick, depending on your gender. Or the other way around, should that be how you like to be.

It may be an accident of casting that Nick has become a favourite of mine, but he does seem to be naturally less embarrassed at doing many of the things that are necessary to get a girl ready than many other actors. We like to be caressed and made much of, and we love to have our boobs kissed and we love to have orgasms too, although to be honest, a man who gets all the rest of it right will make that happen anyway. But mostly we like to feel as if we are the most important thing in his life right now.

Nikki is a quiet orgasm girl and I do feel that a different strategy is needed for actresses who are made that way. Her gorgeous blonde hair and ethereal complexion found it hard to compete when she was filmed against the light blasting through the window. That, coupled with the fact that she isn't going to wake the neighbours when she comes, does argue for changing the angle of the camera and increasing the proportion of closeups of faces compared to whole body shots during masturbation scenes. Otherwise, a great deal of the sexual tension risks being lost with girls who don't have really noticeable orgasms.

A friend of mine swears that she married her husband because he was the only guy she had had sex with who had ever noticed she was having an orgasm. Really and truly.

If I hadn't been in bed, I would have been on the edge of my seat from 19:00 to 21:50, but can someone please request dear, darling Nick to quit behaving like he only just met the woman and lie on top of her for the last 90 seconds? We couldn't see anything of gorgeous Nikki apart from her face, arms and hips anyway, but she was grabbing him and he was holding away. It was a sweet, lovely movie, and incredibly erotic, but it could have turned up the dial that extra 20% as everybody watching held their breath.

Which we were all doing anyway—but we would have held it even more if Nick had broken that final taboo.


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