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Adore sweet Paula Shy.
Return often Paula.

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I definitely think if they didn't show something it would bother a lot of customers

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So what ruins this otherwise beautiful film is the same thing, the obligatory "creampie" shot. Why do we need this? It is unnecessary and distracts from the whole feeling of the film, and frankly every film. I wish Andrej would be brave and take a stand and start eliminating this particular shot from his films. SexArt is a enlightened Adult site and has no need to bow down to the "rules of pornography". I say be brave and blaze that trail, start the revolution!

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I do think the climax shot is important to show. This one simply wasn't done very well. I agree with whitchit that the shot could be done in much more sensual way then this but I don't think sexart should eliminate them. It was nice to see doggy style used in this film witch is under used on this site. This scene did it very well. If you watch the film champagne, it was also done very well.

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The photo set tells a completely different story to the movie, which is interesting. Was it shot first?

In the photos, Sam pays much more attention to Paula's boobs and the rest of her body than he does in the movie and they also try a totally different set of positions, so I wonder if that is why the latter turned out the way it did, because the filming was done later. But it is such a gorgeous movie all the same. A lovely start to the day.

Very passionate scene, with Paula Shy not only bringing her ever stunning beauty along, but also that aura of energy, livelyness & good vibes so typical of the best of women.
But again this scene is a bit marred near the end by how you don't exploit the potential of the visual impression of the creampie to it's maximum erotic effect. I.e. there's no way around filming the moment of pullout in such a way that you have both his penis & her pussy in view as it happens, + that little bit of his cum seeping out of her pussy.
And it's much better to show that first & then follow up with the post fuck kissing & caressing, than the other way around. Cause with the way it's done here, one's more concerned with not missing that 2 seconds closeup view of the creamed pussy, than enjoying the 2 minutes preceeding it with kissing, caressing & couple in general being nice to each other post fuck.

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Sam Bourne has only starred in three movies on SexArt, but Look Here with Antonia Sainz, is one of my very favourites. Paula is a goddess.

Par103 mentioned fetishes and one of mine is sucking a soft cock to erection—it just feels so totally naughty to me, and always fills me with anticipation of what it is going to feel like inside later. I have never come across a guy who doesn't enjoy it. The only problem is that IRL you generally have to move in on your man while he is asleep. Seeing it for the first time in a SexArt movie was a real treat.

After the Holiday on Mykonos affair, SexArt appear to have decided that telling stories is more trouble than it is worth and recent movies have dropped us in cold to the sex, my personal preference being for a minute or so of interaction between the couple, so that I can get comfortable and relax in anticipation. Giving You My Heart definitely belongs to this new genre, beginning as it does with the pair kissing.

Paula carried the movie for me, and I thought that the finish, with her being taken by Sam from behind on all fours, was a classic. When he came inside her, I was clutching the duvet, and I thought her smile, and that single beat of orgasm, was absolutely beautiful. Your man comes and you feel the rush inside, and you feel glad and sad at the same time, because it is over.

Which is where Sam did what I was yelling at him to do all along, which was to grab hold of her. There he was, with a gorgeous woman giving her body to him, and more or less the first time he got to grips with any part of her above her pelvis was after he had come. The effect on Paula was immediate and the feel of the movie was transformed from that moment.

There was quite an extended period of sex in what I can only describe as 'semi-spoons' where Paula was lying half on her back and Sam on his side behind her. This position appears to be much more common in porn movies than IRL, chiefly because the practical difficulties it presents. Not only does it feel disengaged, it can become disengaged. Without all kinds of contortions, the guy is inclined to slip out and this woman at least finds it much less satisfying than doing spoons properly. In the movie, Sam more or less lay there and watched—had I been Paula, I would have been given some basic instruction about requirements for him to do more than just pound away!

The traditional 'wet pussy' shot made it into the mix, and having thought about Crpaddct's and Par103's preferences, I must say that if these are going to be included, it would be worth doing them well. Every woman is familiar with the moment when her guy slides out of her, his erection softening, and it is a part of sex that I do love, even though it is always with a little regret that it is over. So rather than show the disembodied closeups that we were treated to in this and the last movie, could we have a little more context and duration, so that the the aftermath of love is shown as we all know it? I don't think there is much call for having semen everywhere, but I can see that the guys feel it is important.

Perhaps i was mot clear... my fault. i was agreeing that if going to show a cream pie do it as crp likes show male pulling out and not a 2 second shot later....i have said show nothing and is better than the 2 second shot that sometimes due to texture appears to be fake because it takes away from a wonderful movie...occasionally though it would be erotic not a must for me though

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I understand now, it is a continuity issue? My bad. I am with you, that four second cut to Paula's gorgeous puss looked plain awkward where it was.

To be fair, I can understand why SexArt have had trouble getting this request serviced, because If couples really get to grips with each other at the end, then having no airspace means that there is no camera space either.

This scene didn't present that problem, but having the cameras in the right positions to capture Paula's face and her profile meant that they were in the wrong positions to capture Sam sliding out. Even if he had done so immediately after he came—for which I would have smacked him—it would have meant moving a camera and probably the lights to film it. By the time all of that was completed, then unless Sam is unlike any of the guys I have had sex with, there wouldn't have been anything of him left to film, poor boy. There is probably some kind of rule about not filming limp penises (-:

In presenting us with such tasteful, realistic and passionate sex, SexArt have set themselves a challenging target, and they are doing incredibly well at delivering it. In this movie, the lovely scene at the end where Paula finally got a proper cuddle was 100% worth capturing over showing Sam pulling out, and in my experience the action of Paula sitting back the way she did would almost certainly have made him slip out anyway. Even then, if she is built anything like the way I am down there, unless Sam had produced a heroic amount of come, then there probably would not have been any leak, and there would have been nothing to show. I think that is one of the worst problems for folk making this type of movies, although IRL it is incredibly convenient when you are the one who would otherwise have to leap out of bed and run for the loo (be glad you aren't a woman, because this really jangles the nerves—one minute you are blissed out and the next it is panic stations).

With SexArt pursuing such a different arc, their filming has to be done differently to the mainstream porn sites, and some memes are difficult for them to deliver in context. This is one of them, but it shouldn't be impossible to overcome. If there was, for example, a proportion of scenes where the couple finished in the spoons position, or in what I am told is called reverse cowgirl (let me find my hat…), it wouldn't be too challenging to deliver this now and again. But otherwise I am onside with you, par103, and Shakau, the rest of the time it would be better to leave the shot out than to resort to comping it in and hoping it ticks the box.


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