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Despite a somewhat stormy thread of comments, Undress has turned out to be a SexArt classic. It has had nearly 300K views, and although it was rated highly at 9.2, the number of views rank it 4th of all time, while the likes rank it as the 11th most popular movie on the site. This is a scene that has been enjoyed by a lot of people.

Sybil A has featured in 15 SexArt movies, the most recent in October last year, her debut in a flick being July 2016, and her first appearance in a photoset August the previous year. In Undress she is partnered with Michael Fly, who I am sure everyone knows from other movies. Michael is a great bear of a man, part of his attraction to this woman at least being that while he can't be described as having a ripped bod, he is definitely the real thing in bed and is good at responding to his partners. A lot of male porn actors react the same way to every woman they are paired with, but thankfully SexArt doesn't have many (any?) of them.

Undress has a very sexy intro, with a black screen. We hear the sound of footsteps as Sybil and then Michael are framed by the camera, and then they kiss. Sybil is looking gorgeous in a taffeta (I'm not great on materials unless they are aerospace alloys) dress, and the only wrong call that Michael makesóin my judgmentóis to take her knickers off first. By all means kiss me, by all means feel my boobs, by all means hold my buttocks and pull me to you tight, but don't take my knicks off after you have unzipped my dress (unless we are going to do it right there against the wall, fully clothed). A small point of erotic etiquette is that if I hold my hair up while you are unzipping me, my arousal level (and probably yours) will hit the roof.

Under her dress, Sybil is wearing a basque and hold ups. I have a great love for proper nylons, especially 10 denier ones, which are whisper soft, but last about as many seconds in bed, sigh. Slowlyóthe key to this movieóthey continue to undress each other. We are now a quarter of the way into the movie. Sybil cups Mike's hands over her naked breasts for the first time and you can tell that she is well on the way to full arousal, but even so she doesn't take hold of his cock for another 90 seconds.


Now the move to the bed, and Michael helps her remove her basque, which I would have kept on, purely because lingerie does turn a lot of men on even if they won't admit it. We are half way into the movie before Sybil takes Michael's cock in her mouth, and after all the wait, it makes for a super erotic moment when her lips close around it.

After rubbing her puss slowly up and down his erection, we have gone well past 11 minutes to reach the point where she is mentally and physically aroused enough to start guiding him inside, and you can see the result shortly after, when after riding him for only a minute, all of Sybil's systems come full online with a jolt. You can see it hit heróshe can't stop herself kissing Mike. If you can take a woman there, then you are doing really well, but you have to let her take change of the early part of the sex.

This is, by the way, one of my favourite moments, when she leans forward to kiss him and her hair falls everywhere. You can see neither her face, nor Michael's, and it is one of the most intimate moments I have ever seen in a movie.

On screen hair management is often intrusive in movies that it ends up making the sex look completely artificial (as opposed to somewhat artificial, as it is by definition). I love the feeling of my hair over my face while I am having sex, and so do many womenóso SexArt, please let it fall where it will and leave it there.

The nextóand epicallyóerotic moment is the kiss just before Mike penetrates her again at 15:30. That is pure arousal talking and you can almost taste the hunger. After that, it is cling onto the sheets for dear life as Sybil forgets the camera crew as her entire being is concentrating on that piston in her puss, with a stunning moment at 18:20 where she clutches Mike's hand over her breast. By 18:40, she knows he is going to come, she can feel his cock swell and his grip tightening, and she reaches back instinctively to hold him while he does.

Having a guy come inside you unleashes a storm of emotions: a surge of release, happiness for him that he has come, the amazing feelings that his cock brings as it swells inside you, and the pulsing as he comes (which is often enough to give me a few beats of orgasm in response).

Very often though, you don't feel any come. For a start, the sensation in the pussy isn't really good enough to detect the 4ml or so that the average guy produces. We have been back to this again and again in SexArt, so much so that we may have mainstream porn sites to blame for the perception that men produce much more than that. Sometimes they do, but mostly they don't, and in a fit woman, it is rare to get any leakage, even while and after a man is pulling out.

I am certain that a very high proportion of the scenes that are shown with semen oozing seductively out of a young woman are showing fake comeóand I am fairly sure that seeing these scenes is producing a demand for more like them. Just look at the comments on this scene. Porn is far enough removed from reality at times that if we step any further away from what actually goes on, we risk making on screen sex entirely synthetic. Fake female orgasms, fake come and fake emotion are not going to make for enjoyable movies.

Why did this movie get such a high ranking overall despite the negative comments?

First, for me, almost 100% because of the delay in getting to the sex. There is nothing like anticipation for building up erotic tension, and the effect on Sybil was obviousóit would have been greater if Mike had had to wait even longer to get his hand in her knicks. The longer you give a girl to become fully aroused, the more amazing the sex will be for both of you. You will know when she has got there, because she will come at you.

Secondóalthough it broke a male sexual script and triggered several commentsóSybil got to control the penetrative sex until at least halfway through. Some men judge their manhood to be at risk if they don't initiate sex and totally control it, with the result that lots of women end up having sex they don't want. I have friends with traditionally scripted 'guy must be in charge' boyfriends who never get fully aroused. Not once. And please don't confuse making a woman come with being fully aroused or with thinking you are any good in bed, either, it doesn't work like that.

Third, there are several moments in the movie where Sybil just does what her body is telling her to do and they look entirely genuineóin fact they could hardly not be genuine. 300,000 people seem to agree with that.

Why did this movie attract so many negative comments then? Casting my eye down them, a lot of them simply betray the sexual scripting driving the (mostly guys) that were writing them. This is sex that doesn't conform with their, 'I initiate, I control, I give her an orgasm, I come' script for sex, and so the movie fails for them. But it will have succeeded for virtually every woman who watches it, because we don't have that script and would rather our men didn't either. But that is another story, and if SexArt had a place for it, I would write it.

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I have watched this twice; a few weeks apart. I liked it much better the second time, which is not to say I didn't like it the first time--just that it grew on me.. Michael, Sybil, and team Lupin did a terrific job here. Sybil's sound track--yes, her vocalizing--is worth the price of admission alone--not overdone, and very sexy. For the haters--maybe try again, but please bring along an open mind. Very good stuff here, I think.

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dick inside Sybil honey lips...
what a lucky guy..

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Adding my sincere complements in defense of Sybil, and in support of remarks made by Rose and Photoshoot. Sybil is clearly a beautiful, talented, powerful woman. She leaves me breathless!
I offer her my respect and my thanks for such lovely work! Bless her, and may we please see a lot more of her!- rick

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Sybil is effing gorgeous, and a star fucker to boot. What a lucky guy, even if it's just for porn. The camel toe slide was a special treat.

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Sybil A does it again....
Sensational in & out of her night attire.....for the sensual fun just to follow.
She¬īs in the scene from beginning to end. Goddess, to say the least...

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I really love her orgasm and the cream pie at the end !!

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This one is one of the absolute best for my taste, loving, slow, erotic sex between lovers.

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Very sensual and very erotic film, the slow build up was good and enhanced the eroticism of the film. After all making love is not just about putting it in and humping a way - at least not when I do it. Sybil is stunning. If that was a cold sore patch on her lip I have to say I would not be kissing her and my cock would not be going anywhere her beautiful mouth. So a bonus point for Michael for his bravery, and one extra for doing ther job properly and finishing inside her.

I think an opportunity was missed at the end to move the camera round to view the cum leaking from Sybil's pussy, which is a very fine example. So it's a 10 from me.

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Great to see Sybil in B/G! Awesome! I hope this is the start of a trend for her as she is incredibly beautiful and sexy in every way. Keep it coming!

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Sybil has really developed into a very sensuous woman. True not as much "sex" as in some but the heat developed between these two makes me, well, crazy. I just want to "reach out and touch someone". Lovely couple.

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Dear People
I have been away some time. it is always important to stay positive.
What do we see, two beautiful people making love , as always excellent shot,delivering a lot of people nice moments, I do not care if I like b/g or not, it is the intention and quality of the movie that matters,realistic shot.
I wish you all pleasant day and do take care

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Was really looking forward to this film as I have become a huge fan of Sybil...."the undressing" was incredibly erotic up until the obsessive close ups ...was so hot as her dress was being lowered then we are looking at a close up? and will never understand when there is penetration and both bodies are moving why do a blurring close up when is so hot to see their whole body....and the last part of the film we had no view of the penetration and would be nice to see him cum...felt like it got a little too artsy can show a little more and these films would be so much better and would be in no way considered HARD porn... but all in all any shoot Sybil is a nice film thanks

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You two have to be kidding!

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Amen. The pictures were actually more stimulating than the film, which shouldn't be the case.

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I discovered SYBIL via video LIKE WAVES. Without knowing it, this video was going to change my life, because since the publication of this video, I discovered SYBIL, I discovered this woman and I am now a FAN of the morning until the evening, really FAN

I really like your videos, because they are artistic. your videos have a story, a soul, the music is also important (she gives rhythm as music was at the time of silent films).

In LIKE WAVES, replays are great, they allow me to project myself into history, with NANCY and honey. More behind the scenes at the end of the video shows the humanity, of happiness, the naturalness of NANCY and SYBIL.

SUNSAY, still a very nice video, which enabled me to probably the most beautiful comments. He made me evolve my thinking/perception on homosexuality.

In the BRACELET, the story is simple, but touching, in continuity with the previous.

These videos, these lovely videos show all the sensuality, the natural charm of SYBIL.

MOONLIGHT, if for you it is to show the fantasies of Mary Kalisy. Jiy see my history, my life, the I live with my beautiful, sweetheart SYBIL. SYBIL is either an Angel or a ghost. SYBIL dazzles my life, haunts my nights. I often fall asleep in embracing it in my arms.

I thought that your work with SYBIL, had allowed you to identify the personality of SYBIL, you knew is what love to do, which is good for SYBIL is good for you, that you were respectful of the actresses

In a video of GG, I identify, I take possession of the body of the partner of Sybilleand I live so emotionally true happiness, I live the full video with sweetheart SYBIL
So, how do you think I can identify an actor, it is impossible for me, the love I have with SYBIL puts staff, I just allow myself to see that it is extremely soft and totally respectful of SYBIL, SYBIL does no degrading thing for me, my love is respectful of SYBIL, her dignity as a woman.

Well no, I'm wrong. With this video of GB, you show that you can be like other boxes production hungry for scoops, greedy for money.

I was thinking to open an account with you, well no, I'm not. you lost my sympathy, the beautiful image I had of you.

No, your video will be never for SYBIL, only to you, I won't watch this video, I can't, I don't want to, not because she dégraderai the image of sweetheart SYBIL, you can not change it, no it's for you, I don't want to see, to try to keep the artistic video image.

It is also what social networks

Thank you for reading my message. I wait no apology on your part, the damage is done.


Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to show how I am fan of SYBIL

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Whack job. Seek counseling.

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I feel sad for you that you think it is degrading for a woman to have sex with a man on film! Sybil is a beautiful, confident, strong woman. She makes her own choices. Her body and her sexuality belong to her, and her alone. I think this movie is beautiful, and she is beautiful in it.

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And please stop reposting the same comment over and over again. It will simply be deleted. We heard you the first time.

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ROSE, if you like occurring it is your choice, but it is not the case SYBIL, I know her(it) you absolutely not.

You are a shame

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You could not be more wrong.

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1 SYBIL's photoset, will be worth all the videos solo, all the videos G/G which you have in your catalog.


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Disappointed. Too little Sex, too much Art.

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Simply gorgeous... Sybil's first boy-girl movie for SexArt, and boy does she look hot!

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Right on Rose I really don't know where some of these people are coming from. I love this movie and it's so wonderful to view the man actually coming inside his lover. What oneness! I hope Sybil is not discouraged by some of these comments. I hope to see more of her in male/female sets! Wow I'm going to dream about this movie for a long long time!


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